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Joyce & Miu Miu

After writing about Miu Miu loafers and Dior shirts I just couldnt help myself. I just had to go buy myself a new pair of Miu Miu shoes. Oh dear, but they are so nice… Its like Homer put it:
-Fortune cookies doesnt always tell the truth.
-But there so sweet…

Makes one think about my favorite ending of all times;
Gazing up into the darkness I saw myself as a creature driven and derived by vanity; and my eyes burned with anguish and anger.
James Joyce

PS. I do realize the political incorrectness in putting a quote from Simpsons next to one from James Joyce. I do however blame it on my poor education and weakness of heart. DS



It is unbelievable that Françoise Sagan was seventeen when she wrote Bonjour Tristesse. It is even more unbelievable that they translated the title into A cloud in (or on?) my sky, thank you Bonnier publishing house, thank you.



Today has been a hot day in Stockholm. Erika has been writing all day and I decided to take a day of. Every since christmas, when I as usual gave my father a book, which this year was Brooklyn follies by Paul Auster, I have been wanting to read it. So I spent today doing just that. Mr Auster caught my attention some year ago when I was living in Paris. I was taking my usual afternoon walk to Shakespear & Company when the New York Trilogy caught my eye, closely followed by Moonlight Palace.

In Brooklyn follies, Mr Auster points out a couple of really beautiful references between classic authors. The close relationship between the meta-realms of Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849) & Henry David Thoreau (1817-62). And above all, the story about Franz Kafka (1883-1924), who at the end of his life gives a little girl the comfort of illusion. I have no idea if there is any truth in his claims, or where he got the references for that matter. The book is none the less worth reading, both for the brilliant story and the many references.

And as if that wasn´t enough, the swedish version of the book seems to be using what looks suspiciously similar to Bauer Bodoni in the headlines…
PS. The press photo was shot by Jerry Bauer DS.



Back from a weeks vacation in southern Sweden. Took the time to read a couple of books that has been screaming for attention for a while now. Most notably Colettes Le Blé en Herbe (1923). It´s something special with her writing, along with others writers of her time of course. I constantly find my mind trapped in the language, more than the story really. It´s fantastic on so many levels. Feels like some of Irvin Penns old pictures from platinum prints. The composition and light kind of steals all the attention away from the subjecs. Kind of makes one wonder what went wrong with litterature, at least in sweden. It feels like the language has been sacrified for the sake of the stories. Maybe it´s just me that hasn´t really found the writers of today yet.

I googled Colette to find the missing books in my bookshelf and ended up on a wikipedia page about her. I guess it tells her story. There is however a really strange passage where the author of the article describes Colletes relationship with Mathilde de Morny, the Marquise de Belboeuf, who introduced her to homosexuality and was said to be one of her first female lovers. The author linked to lesbianism. Since when is sleeping with someone who happens to have the same sex an ism, really. Kind of sends the messege that one has to have a whole ideology behind ones desires.



These guys have been in my mind for a long time now. It started a sunday afternoon in oktober 2004 when Andre gave me a copy of Blowup #2, for which he had shot the cover. Theblowup is something organic. It seems to grow in some strange way and it´s really hard to keep track of it. Both design- and contentwise it´s great, ranging from documentaries on soccermums to edgy fashion to free interpretations on themes. Originally designed by Obelisk, at least the logo. (I think…) For the last issue Harsh Patel stepped in as a Art Director. Get an issue & check the site.




So despite the fact that I´m not a student I designed a catalogue/paper for my old school. Art directing papers just might be one of my favorite things to do, should do more, I know. Anyway. I went from thinking newspaper to magazine to catalogue and back again. The result is a tabloid with a lot of white space. Didot, Bodoni & Garamond. The students will hold an exhibition in Galleri Kontrast, Stockholm between august 5-28. I recomend tou go there if you get a chance. There are some truly great documentary series to see. Check it out and be sure to grab a paper while you are there.

Fivepointed design


I really wanted to write about a poster that Angus Hyland at Pentagram did for the British council back in 2000 for the exhibition the fabrics of fashion. Since I could´nt find the poster, damn you google imgs, I suppose something have to be said about the agency instead. Pentagram just keeps shocking with brilliant design. It´s so well excecuted, so clean, so perfect. Everything from their books (think Terence Donovan: The Photographs as shown above, Andy Warhol: The Factory Years 1964-1967, or The History of Japanese Photography. To their logotype design. Mmmm. Nowadays they have officies all over. They do deserve five minutes of your time.

Pentagram UK.

Speaking of fonts

While were at it. My dear friend Brifo once told me a story about a girl in Paris (where else?) who is an actual descendent of Claude Garamond (ca. 1480–1561). I don´t know if its really so, theres a slight chance I misunderstod everything. But anyway. Bearing Garamond as a last name just might be the coolest thing one can pull of. Might just even consider a fake marriage for the sake of it.



I have to share my love with a font I met a while ago. It´s a classic, I know. But it´s so beautiful it hurts. The Bauer Bodoni, originally from 1926, was redesigned from the classic Bodoni by Heinrich Jost. Of course the original comes from Giambattista Bodoni (1740-1813). Never the less it´s still groundbraking in it´s simplicity and boldness. The contrast and the smoothness of the font is still enough to leave me with a feeling of total admiration.

Spend your allowance at It will be worth every penny.

Le office & the summer of speed.


There are many things to be said about swedish summers. For one their hot. They are also slow in every way. Summers are a big paradox in themselves. You spend all year cursing about the cold and the darkness, praising summer, waiting, longing. When summer comes its too hot, to slow. Buisness goes down to nothing. Who needs a photographer in the summer? Beats me. The beaches turn from being beautiful, contemplative places into mountains of pale fat and skin. I wanna work.

So you spend all day in your excuse of an office. Ill walk you through it.
1. Chair
2. Poster from Galerie Mennour, Paris. Just might be the best gallery in Europe.
3. Computer
4. Coffe
5. Latest job. Bild06, Art Direction
6. Sunglasses. Just in case…
7. Bookshelf
8. Busted tripod
9. Larry Clark posrtcard
10. Teddybears Nalle & Ängel

I know I shouldn´t complain but please. Some autumn.

Best design to come.


Shot four promising, young talents that are graduating from swedish designschools this summer for BON magazine. It was a strange day to do a shoot. Both me and Erika (working at BON) had to be somewhere at 1400 sharp. We were supposed to start early and have everything done at 1200. Yeah right. The guy who where assisting had to leave early as well. I hate when things get all rushed. Turned out ok though. Must be a great feeling for the designers we shot. Being picked by a magazine before graduation for beeing good at what they do.

Rebel with a cause

Theres a gentleman roaming Paris at night. R.B James is shooting the nightlife with passion & feeling. If you havn´t seen it you definitely should. Check out Laperolog.

The thing with R.B´s pictures is that they go further. Their sexier, more beautyful & plain better. Paris feels like that. It´s like that. If you happen to miss ParisParis, Le Baron & everything thats going down, just go there. He won´t let you down.

So sorry

The best way to spend a friday night when your girl is in Paris and you are in Stockholm might still be with Håkan Hellströms Ett kolikbarns bekännelser on your Ipod trying hard not be sad while listening to Gårdkvarnar & skit and you guys who doesnt understand swedish will never understand that and I feel sorry for you. You are really missing out on something.