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On changes

Went through some old archives the other day in search of some lost portraits and I found this old project I did back in school. You see, originally I wanted to be a really pretentious journalist/writer, doing long black and white series on really serious subjects. I studied philosophy at Lund because thats what all of my old heroes did back in the days. I studied photography and journalism to find ways to express all of that in a non-academic manner. I remember the day I realized that I was always describing my view on things, and not some objective truth.* With that in mind I did a long, semi documentary, project on sexuality in Paris. In retrospect it was more about me then anything else really.

When presenting this to my fellow students and teachers I somehow realized that I had used something to twist in my own direction and felt sort of ashamed. That was the moment I turned from documenting to creating and fled Sweden and went back to Paris. I went into fashion without looking back. I think this might be a good autumn to start a few projects up again.



*See the classical struggle between non-cognitivism and realism in David McNaughtons book Moral Vision. Then add the belief/desire model of motivation by David Hume and you are up for a good, sleepless, weekend.

Back then

Party at Palais de Tokyo with Audi and Numero, anno 2004 or 2005.

Today was the first real autumn morning for this year. It brings out the best in me, really. Me and Corky had a fantastic autumn once. We escaped to Paris and exchanged the dull Universitylife for a fantastic vibrant scene. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my first University, Lund, I just never could feel comfortable that far north. Anyway. Paris, were coming back.



Found an image of Corky playing with Erin Fetherstons dog Koala. We did an portrait of her together last winter in Paris. Should sell in a couple of those again, we could use some vacation. I’m thinking Vienna or Tokyo.

When you find yourself making a new desktop background you know its one of those days. I will soon commence in the act of cleaning the office while waiting for my bookorder that never seems to arrive. With Corky in Paris for the weekend I will read up on the following:

-A somewhat new interpretation on Dantes Divina Commedia.
In Vogue, the illustrated history of the worlds most famous fashion magazine.
Private Property by Helmut Newton (from the Schirmer/Mosel Verlag), read his biography a while back and felt that its time to study up on him again.
-And then of course Picture of Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wilde. I am after all aiming at a hairstyle inspired by him.



Found these while cleaning my desk in the studio. Polaroids are just amazing…

From the Van der Nootska shoot.
Me, shot by Jennie Göthberg. Look close in the next issue of Slash magazine…

Autumn mornings

There is no sun in our apartment before lunch, and the windows are almost always open during the night so that it is comfortably cool in the morning. This morning there is an electrician installing spotlights in out kitchen (it actually isn’t as 1995 as it sounds), so I am working from home. Erika seemed somewhat frightened when her head popped out of the bedroom at 7.30 to find a not so silent man in a moustache in our kitchen.*

I am however having the morning of a lifetime. Sitting in the red couch doing research, having a coffee, with a slow rather autumnlike breeze coming in from the window. Just marvellous. Will go to the office later in the day though. And tonight we are celebrating dear Paulinas birthday. Happy B Paulie.

*A moustache usually signifies that one has some connection, by birth or otherwise, to Gothenburg.

a worthy ending

Fashionweek is over and life goes back to normal. It was a rather nice finale with a nice game of croquet* in Humlegården and a lot of wine. Lovely.

Erika being corrected by Carl.

*won by Miss Levy.

Fashion nights


The Bon fashion party is always the best. Especially in the company of Stockholm’s finest: Lisen, darling Erika & Paulina. The night ended, as usual, at Carls Spy Bar. Anders and Sebastian and the girls where so beautiful. At the same time I cant help but think that the Stockholm nights will never be like the Paris nights. Maybe thats a good thing. I don’t know.

Im gonna feel sorry for my hung over self for an hour still and then head over to the +46.

new Slash


Did a couple of still lives for the new slash magazine which I am very proud of. Wouldn’t normally publish them before the issue is out but since its on their site already I figure its OK. Jennie Göthberg did the styling.

living in a horrormovie

Great idea to go home and rest. Drinking tea and reading. Unfortunately its really warm so one have to keep the windows open and my upstairs neighbour, who somebody told me is a brain surgeon, is learning to play violin. I mean sure, she is pretty good when playing the classics, but tonight she has been practising ONE SINGLE NOTE over and over again. My god, its like living in an horror movie and I’m usually a pretty paranoid person anyway. Then again who am I to go up against a brain surgeon…

Le fashion week

I had been looking forward to this for a while. A lot of old friends, cocktails, clubbing, the shows. And now that its here I just cant find the energy. I have been shooting every day for ages, which is a fabulous thing of course. Im going straight home to my couch to rest, Corky will give me a full update I’m sure. And on Thursday Ill be all fit to go the Bon party, which usually is the highlight anyway, except maybe for the Carin Wester show that is tonight. Must find some time to go shopping tomorrow.


One of the images from yesterday (while we still had one flash…) I would still say it was worth it. I love shooting late into the night and when technology is working against you it feels like in the beginning when you had to reinvent yourself for every picture because you didn’t really know what you were doing.

Now, since Corky is way out west and I’m still working at ten in the evening on an Saturday I’m gonna treat myself to a bottle of champagne and the comfort of falling asleep on the couch with the TV on and the windows open. And when I wake up in the morning I’m gonna have a shower and a shave and then I’m going autumn shopping at Nitty Gritty. Oh, their English muffins are remarkable.

Emilie J at Stockholmsgruppen

Burn baby, burn

The night is warm. Really warm. The moisturelevels are through the roof. Did a 6 picture fashion shoot today. On the second picture one of my flashes caught fire. Yes, it burned, or to be exact, it sort of exploded. On the fourth picture another one started to burn. I had to shoot the last pictures with a ringflash since it was all I had left there. It has never happened to me before. I hate the Swedish summer, I really do. And now I cant sleep because everything is sticky. To make matters worse I have shoots both on Monday and Tuesday and need new flashes fast… Please just give me autumn. Please.

When I was a kid I thought it was always autumn in Canada because of a television show. Kind of a comforting thought.

Me running towards a burning Profoto flash.

The perfect day

Woke up at eleven with a hangover out of this world. Had the conciousness to place a bottle of water and a Macbook next to the bed before falling asleep last night though. Stayed in bed working until one. Had lunch with long seen friend from Paris Erik and his little sister who are visiting. Went shopping on my own. Bought chocolate and movies. Will spend tonight in my couch with Ryan Phillippe, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Reese Witherspoon, Selma Blair, Dustin Hoffman, Anne Bancroft and Katherine Ross. Marvellous.

Erika, who is out having dinner with Anders has never come to terms with my deep infatuation for these films, seeing that press image from Cruel Intentions kind of makes one understand why.

Benjamin made me want to go the University.


On faith

As I am closing in on 30, friends have warned me that my lifelong atheism might start to crumble. That one starts searching for something else in life. And it has happened. Oh my god. Rykiel Homme this autumn is better than ever. Is a package deal to much to ask from. Couldn’t the Vatican throw in a free selection of five items from the a/w collection if one becomes a catholic? Striped knitwear has always out-virtued all the other virtues anyway.