Monthly Archives: October 2007

On ambition

So the posts have been less frequent recently. A couple of shoots, endless meetings and a new exiting project is why. I’m working on an exhibition and a book together with some friends of mine and its really going good. Previews will come to those who wait. As for now I’m going home to rest, have a glass of wine and read the Errol Flynn biography Anders tipped me about. And yeah, to book plain tickets to Paris, its really about time.

On Wednesday evenings.


Making an inspiration-collage for a meeting tomorrow. Wish I could spend more time doing that. Collages that is.

I was on the verge of writing about Picasso and collage and the beginning of the 20th century when I realized I did that a while back. My short term memory is really getting worse by the minute. I keep telling poor Erika the same stories all over. Can one get Alzheimer’s at the age of 28? I think it might be stress though. I’m going to Paris for meetings in the end of the month and then Erika will join me for a weekend in Nice. That will surely do it.