Monthly Archives: November 2007

On mental states

I imagine my life is getting more like a Bret Easton Ellis novel by the minute and I love it.

-I’m now formally engaged to Corky.*
-Corky is the new editor at Swedish Elle magazine. I’m very proud naturally.
-I’m really in a flow, creativity is flowing.

*The word engage always make me think about TopGun for some reason, wonderful.

on addiction

I’m not usually that keen on watching TV. When living in Paris I remember going a whole year without turning it on once. There is however a new show on and I’m so hooked. Gossip girl. I cant resist, it has all I ever wanted on a show. Fashion, at least they are trying, Upper east side, drama and a really good soundtrack. This will surely be the end of something in my life.

on writing

At first there was endless referencing, and lots of posts. Lately my shoots have been more about beauty and aesthetics which have meant less literature and references, which of course leads to less posts. As the ever so depressing winter is closing in there will most certainly be a change. Lets try and combine them, beauty and referencing.