Monthly Archives: February 2008

on exhibitions & novels

This weekend my mother was visiting. Naturally we had dinner and went to see this years VÃ¥rsalong at Liljevalchs which is an annual exhibition in Stockholm. There were a couple of really nice works but I was mostly disappointed. I cant remember any names but there were a couple of photographs in black and white I liked, compositions with mirrors and shapes. A nice trend I hope, giving photography more space on gallery walls. I wonder where it might turn though. I mean, most of the photographic art shown in Sweden seems to be documentary and at times self reflective through clever titles. I don’t care much for that, it feels like an excuse to show the photographs and not something that makes it richer. On the other hand there are artists like Nathalia Edenmont who use photography more as a tool for documenting and showing her art which I think is something else, in this discussion, more interesting.

I think the problem is that photography itself is technical. I remember being very disappointed at the university when I realized the discussion there were pretty much the same as it was in the 20’s. Only difference was that the object often was changed to a subject.

I am myself planning an exhibition this summer and will probably fall into the same traps as everybody else, hopefully not though. Other projects involve starting a novel-club. A group of people writing novels on a given theme and meeting four times a year to discuss and compare. It involves a bit of nerves though, me being the only one that doesn’t write for a living. Hopefully I will learn something.

on the editor

A rough sketch I started the other day. Its called the Editor and is loosely based on a friend of mine. Wish I could find the time to paint more, I don´t think the Art Directors and Fashion editors would be very pleased though.


on books

Erika is in Copenhagen for the Danish fashion week. Books to keep me occupied while she is gone:

Evelyn Waugh The Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold
Evelyn Waugh Work Suspended
Dorothy Parker The Portable Dorothy Parker, Edited by Marion Meade
Sylvia Beach Shakespeare and Company

on fashionweek pt II

On the other hand there are so many cameras in front of the catwalk that anybody can see the shows pretty much in real time. Maybe there is no need for good descriptions anymore, catwalk illustration is a bit outdated, and analysis comes later anyway. It still leaves thousands of attention seeking bloggers though.

on fashionweek

Fashionweek is officially over today. I have not really had time to go see anything this season but I have been following it more closely in the papers and on the net instead. It´s striking how little is being said about the actual clothes. Everybody is talking about who were there, what they thought and above all, what they didn’t like. No one, besides a big fashion magazine or two, is saying anything remotely objective about shapes, patterns or fabrics. I find it a bit sad. A short analysis would be that fashion is to popular in the general public. A swedish newspaper cant really speak fashion because the readers wouldn’t be interested. And lets face it, a lot of bloggers doesn’t really have the instruments for writing deeper. Its like an armada of individualists who all wants to have a column. I suppose we´ll have to wait for the glossies. Its a shame though, I know there are tons of good fashion journalists out there who could do it.

As for tonight Corky is representing at the Elle gala. I will be crawling up in the couch with a bottle of Grönstedt and the New York Review of Books. Lets see how long that lasts. I have the Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy on DVD here, it has Zooey Deschanel in it. Hows that for a Friday.

PS. Those bloody electricians never bothered to show up.
PS II. Big location shoot on Sunday, will try to post backstage pictures.
PS III. I do realize that I pretty much did what I was complaining about writing this post, sorry about that.