Monthly Archives: April 2008

on masculinity

My father used to be a carpenter. Not just a regular carpenter though, he built churchorgans, big ones. He´s father was a teacher who taught carpentry and stuff. Now, Im a photographer, I did venture into philosophy and journalism at some point but lets face it, I don´t really do handy stuff. Except when I build sets at times but that´s not really the same thing. Yesterday I built a wall in our new apartment. Yes, really. Its flat, straight and non-distorted. Victory!

on weekends

Since we are moving a wall in our apartments this weekend we decided to make it a mini-vacation. We moved roughly 80 meters to hotel Rival. I’m giving serious thought to the somewhat decadent idea of living there permanently from now on. Ill walk you through it:

Started with a long brunch on the balcony over Mariatorget. Very nice indeed. Walked around Stockholm like tourists all morning, found a sofa at Plan Ett. Had a lovely lunch at Zink grill, their lasagna is remarkable. Lots of wine of course. (Drinking in mid-day is after all what tourism is all about.)

Corky having lunch at Zink
Walked by dear Björns gallery to see the Frank Stella exhibition again. Stella is, in my opinion, one of the most interesting artists alive. His influence on the world of shapes and textures are without question among the biggest.

The sun over the Royal Garden
Had coffee in the old town with all the other tourists. For some reason all the places there, bigger restaurants excluded, are stuck in the notion that 90´s design is the shit. Very strange. We took shelter from the rain in Anders office, watching the latest episode of Big Bang Theory. Then of to Le Rouge for drinks with Lisen.

Lisen and Anders at Le Rouge
We ended up back in our hotelroom drinking mini-bar white wine and watching The escape from New York on DVD. Hows that for a weekend?

on models and bands

Yana is back from Ukraine. She turned up in a New Order T I have been looking for forever. I guess Ukraine is the Kiliwatch of 2008? Had to shoot it since I cant have it. Damn.


Things to do today:
-Postproduction, 1 ad, it really has to be done today.
-Postproduction, 3 beautystories, I have a feeling its going to take more than today.
-Write invoices.
-Buy speakers. (In a non-hi fi nerd way)
-Go to a meeting. (or two really)

on still days

Dear J came to Stockholm this weekend to do a poster. A Sunday of reflections (not mental ones) coffee and concentration. If you are in the business in Sthlm you are likely to get the result delivered soon.



Just yesterday I found out that an old fav model is back in town. Welcome back Y. Booked her instantly so today were doing beauty with V. Fab.

Must say I’m feeling strangely Bret Easton Ellis (-ish?) today. You know when everything around you is to perfect in some strange springlike way, yet you look at it differently. Must be the psychology book I’m reading about damages on the right part of the brain. The man who mistook his wife for a hat I believe its called.

On Paris A/W 2004

Lovisa Burfitt had an opening at East the other night. Very nice except for the fact that the doorman wouldn’t let me in at first because I forgot to rvsp. The Illustrations were very good as always, I usually buy her printed t-shirts. Speaking of illustrators, me and Corky are meeting a real classic on Saturday, old, and by far best, fashion-illustrator Tippan Nordén.

Spent the night at Prinsens new place Zink Grill. I will always be a sucker for those kind of French restaurants… Hopefully I will spend more time in Paris soon. Ill keep you posted.

-A shoot involving shoes and guns (explain later)
-A Håkan Hellström concert
-Two birthday parties

-A technical still life shoot with dear J
-A lot of postproduction

on happiness

Work, work, work. All fab really. With Corky just in from Cairo we balanced shoots and a relocation over the weekend. Mariaberget, here we are. I finally have a bookshelf again, although its half empty, or half full, depending on how you see it.


Framed photos

Something resembling a wardrobe

on links

Corky has a new blog up over at Elle. Finally. I have a feeling its going to be fabulously witty and beautiful. You can read it right here.

Speaking of new blogs, Dear Nike has moved over to PUB. Good work there. Its no telling where this young rebel is going to end up, studying, modeling, writing. Somewhere good for sure. Read it here.