Monthly Archives: May 2008

on whisky sours and indiepop

Corky being on a plane back from Paris at the moment I feel I have no choice but to sit by our new kitchen table drinking whisky sour while listening to Indie pop rocks. Its actually quite nice.

Here is a couple of still lives I did with dear stylist Saša Antić a while back:





on Edenmont

We went to see the new Nathalia Edenmont exhibition, Corky, Anders & I. Its very impressive when viewed in context of her earlier work. It will hang for a month or so at Wetterling gallery in Stockholm. After that we had dinner at Prinsen. Wonderful.

From 14.00 today I will officially be alive again since Im getting a good internet connection in our new flat. Finally, in from the cold.

on fridays

Todays todo´s:

-Talk to an Art Director.
-Mail out save the dates regarding our wedding.
-Write a pr text.
-Write a project description.
-Make a selection of 12 images from about a hundred to print very big.
-Buy two new suites (tweed, always tweed).
-Find my favourite bow tie that has been missing for weeks.
-Deliver 4 images.
-Mix a Whisky Sour in one of the new suits while watching The talented mr Ripley*.

*Also known as ‘The Mysterious Yearning Secretive Sad Lonely Troubled Confused Loving Musical Gifted Intelligent Beautiful Tender Sensitive Haunted Passionate Talented Mr. Ripley ‘.

on a feeling of happiness

Lets give a warm welcome to my new best friends over at CameraLink who will represent me from now on. I have a feeling that great things will happen…

I also have a save the date for you. There will be an exhibition starting in the beginning of July, so if, or should I say when, you are in Stockholm for fashion-week be sure to pop by. There will be a press site open soon.

on those days


We once lived in Paris, Corky and I, its all about semantics really but some people might even say we started there. We go back there all the time of course, for work and friends and fun. This one time was rather special though. We went down to do a job together for the now late paper Odd at Large. We did a long portrait on designer Erin Fetherston who is in many ways a great person. Cleaning my desk this morning I found this old Polaroid, its a special thing to find, I cant really explain it. Its really a shame that Polaroids on the verge of extinction. I will spend today hating evolution.

on admiration

Met up with a wonderful lady at Rival last night. For our wedding, Corky did massive research and came up with the idea that we will have a wedding-illustration instead of a photo. So there she was. Tippan Nordén, fab as ever. She is one of the teachers at Beckmans and without doubt one of the most influential Swedish illustrators we have. Tres bien Corky!

on decadence pt II

Stumbled across a sweet little story in the latest issue of Another Man about decadence. I guess I have never really seen it like that before, decadence as in neglecting moral and/or ethics in favour of creating what one creates.* A question that arises is of course if the truly decadent person can choose to be decadent? Everybody has borders of course, lines not to cross. Or even more interesting, can he/she choose not to be decadent?

Makes one wonder where creativity comes from. I know lots of people (myself included) who has to do thing all the time to avoid a feeling of despair. Paint, take photographs, write books, build things. It has implications of course. Growing up I spent most nights in the darkroom learning how to print or in a basement painting portraits and scenes from old issues of Italian Vogue, which was not popular from girlfriends/friends/teachers point of view.

Is decadence a sort of Hedonism? Not quite since the process of creation can be painful at times, yet at the same time something one has to do. Maybe creating things is a sort of Think Tank? I like the idea.

*It doesn’t necessary have to be about creating of course, might as well be something different.

on lions

Dear Jacob flew over the other day to shoot a poster-invitation for the Swedish part of Young Lions. I have always been very fond of typography so this was an especially nice project. Jacob has designed the fonts himself (see it in 2-d here), and had them cut out in small parts of glass. Glass on glass. Maybe not that easy to read, but hey, who cares.