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on summer & creativity

The old Spidermanquote ‘With great power comes great responsibility’ easily translates into something more relevant for a photographer, ‘With great summer comes great creativity’. Its funny, always at this time of year things start building themselves in my studio. Just found this when I was leaving today:



Today is a very good day. A couple of new, very exiting projects are starting. The studio is full of big prints. (Always had a thing for big prints, in fact I remember when I were in my teens I once got a box of 30*40 photo-paper for Christmas. I blew all of them on one giant exposure that wasn’t quite as accurate as I had hoped by pasting all of them on a wall) Tonight there is a drink at my agents place, love those. Next week is fashion-week and my opening. Couldn’t be better.

Karin, and part of the exhibition

on Paris

Most things were the same:

Laurents living-room was as inspiring as always

Rue Etienne Marcel was the same, except for a new Subways

The park where I used to read everyday was the same

The view was the same

Le Café were most definitely the same

Spending midsummer on Charles de Gaulle were the same

The thing I miss most, except my friends of course, is sitting in Laurents living-room and drinking wine while reading a, say, Man Ray book and within five minutes be able to see the originals at Pompidou. Thats really special.

on work, Paris & movement

Back from Paris which was… Paris! Realised just how much work that needs to be done before summer. A couple of ads, some editorial and an exhibition. Wonderful. Next week will be detox-week before fashion-week. Will try to upload some images from Paris. For now, an image from the exhibition Dear Nike will have to do:

Somewhere rather late in our collaboration, when it was all about movement.

on Dear Nike, Paris and such


So. Sometime last fall we started a project, me, stylist Lindha Jacobsson Sagum and model Nike Felldin. We met most weekends in my studio and just took pictures. It was all about curiosity and investigating that special relationship that develops when a team works close together over time. We went from static poses to dynamic movement and ended up in moving images. Now, we will exhibit the project, at least a big part of it, at Urban Outfitters this summer. Drop in and have a look, it will be open for the public from July 2. Im working on a special site for it, hopefully it will be up by Saturday.

Next week I will be in Paris for meetings. See you guys there.

on creativity

A quick post while scanning 4×5 inch at YFO…
Took Corky to see the new Michel Gondry movie Be kind Rewind last night. He has a special something. I found the last one, Science of Sleep, good but a bit hard to get sometimes. The setup in the new one is however amazing. Nothing short of brilliance, no matter what conservative critics might say.

on the past week

Its been sort of hectic. Shot 8 still lives with the old 4×5 inch Sinar for a swedish magazine on Wednesday, an 8 page story for a British one on Thursday. Missed dear Mathildas party on the evening though due to a summer cold. Better today!

The last couple of weeks have been sort of special. Guided by my good friends Anders I have dived deeper into the world of physics. There is a lot of inspiration to be found. Last read books have included Michio Kakus titles:

-Physics of the Impossible
A Scientific Exploration of the World of Phasers, Force Fields, Teleportation, and Time Travel.

-Parallel Worlds
A Journey Through Creation, Higher Dimensions, and the Future of the Cosmos.

Einstein’s Cosmos
How Albert Einstein’s Vision Transformed Our Understanding of Space and Time.

Its very nice reading, not at all technical like a lot of those books can be. This afternoon we are planning an exhibition I will have this summer:

Corky, helping out.

Part of a project.

on weekends

Quite a hectic weekend. Dinner at Ruby Friday, drinks at Restaurang Humlegården, dinner at Prinsen, more drinks at Humlegården and a night at old Gubbrummet on Saturday. Sunday in the studio shooting. Corky left facebook today. Actually I think Im going to follow in a month. More focus on work, books and hopefully more blogging. Just like that.

Corky not having dessert

Me and Anders, most definitely having dessert