Monthly Archives: July 2008

on Normandie

Day I:

-Woke up at four in the morning and went to the airport. Flew to Paris. Corky drove to Etretat, drank rosé wine, fell asleep.


Day II.

-Woke up. Walked around. Had some rosé wine. Ate Moule marinière, read Vanity Fair and watched CNN for 4 hours.



Day III.

-Woke up. Drove to Deauville. Got amazed how good brands can sell crap fashion on the French coastlines. Drove back. Had Oysters and rosé wine. Discussed Wuthering Heights with Corky. Next vacation will be a trip to the portrait gallery in London to see the portrait of the Brontë sisters by their brother Patrick Branwell Brontë.


Day IV.

-Got up really early. Drove to the airport. Got really upset over the lack of manners in a group of french kids. Started working about 30 seconds after entering the appartment. Now its all about autumn and duffelcoats.

*Not mentioned here are the walks on the beach, Corky entertaining guests at the Hotel by tributing J.M Barrie with the old spoon trick and the fact that we got lost in the car, twice, on the same road. Lets not talk about that.

on vacation pt III

I think I just realized why one goes on vacation. I usually get really bored and long back to my studio. I feel uncreative when doing nothing. I mean sure, a weekend trip to Paris, Wienna or Berlin can be nice as long as it is inspiring. Right now I’m sitting in a cabin on a mountain with pretty much nothing more than a couple of books, some wine, and a grand view (and nice company of course). It took roughly three days to start planning next year, close my Facebook account and write a prioritylist. What I need to do:

-Publish at least one book within the next year.
-Focus more. On work, inpiration and efficiency.
-Challange myself with litterature, art and interestig people.

Its going to be an amazing autumn.

on books

We are spending the day reading, Corky and I. Today’s books:

-The Crack-Up – F. Scott Fitzgerald. Check
-The Beautiful and Damned – F. Scott Fitzgerald. Half way through.
-Cabaret – Christopher Isherwood. Later tonight.

on all Set(h) for Summer*

Finally had time to clean my desktop. The studio itself is next… At this point there is only one massive still life shoot and one fashion shoot that is separating me from my holiday. Swedish mountains and French beach-hotels, old people and Pointers. The list of books is coming soon.


*Yes, its all about the OC, what else?
**Dear Nike is in correspondence with Corky, lovely.

on Henry David Thoreau*

Spent an amazing weekend in the outskirts of the Stockholm archipelago with L, A & Corky at Ls country house. It has been so long since I had even a weekend like that, just relaxing. Maybe I should try to expand my 9 days vacation a bit.



*Not in a civil disobedience kind of way

on today

A fair view of my day so far. Invitations are done (at least as far as art direction goes). Tippan Nordén illustrated the fantastic cover and I did the typography. Considering our jobs, Corky and mine, it just felt best to make it a homage to legendary art director Alexey Brodovitch. You figure it out* Only two still lives and a meeting to go.


*Hint: I would say it starts in Didot and ends in Bodoni, or the other way around?