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Eye to I

The Blumenfeld biography was a nice bit of reading. Its funny how little weight photographers tend to put on the struggle in their early days. It goes something like this: I got a camera when I was a kid, found a darkroom in the back of my office, took portraits, started working for Vogue, switched to Harpers for a while, went to NY and started doing American Vogue, got a studio next to central park. Questions? The book is more about everything else, which is a lot. Two world wars, a lot of moving around and a couple of occupations. And a short mention of the Dada movement of course. Nice quote from the end of the book when E is talkning to an old model turned gansterwife, wearing nothing but mink:

Model Q: –How does minks get their babies?
Erwin A: –The same way baby gets her mink.

on old portraits

I’m sure I have posted these before sometime. A couple of old portraits, kind of like them.

No 4
No 6
No 8
No 10
Finally got hold of Erwin Blumenfelds autobiography Eye to I. His writing is almost as inspiring as his photography, will read and drink coffee all night.


on good looking boys

I while ago I had the pleasure of portraying two fine gentlemen for their upcoming book release. Anders Rydell and Klas Ericsson, both of whom are friends of mine, have written a book about journalism for journalists. A sort of ´how to´for the young and eager (or the old and outdated?). Its called Byt Namn (Change your name) and will most likely be amazing. They do dress their part as well. If you speak swedish you should definitely go have a look on their blog. The book is released on October 2nd.




on inspiration

Went by the Modern Museum of art in Stockholm today. I haven’t had the time in so long and had almost forgotten how inspiring it can be. We saw the works by Ellen Gallagher, in the exhibition Eclipse. Damn. Its by far the best collage work I have seen since Peter Blake did his homage to collagists. Really, breathtaking. I’m going back on Saturday to see it again.