Monthly Archives: September 2008

on happiness

Saturday was nothing short of amazing. A big thank you to everybody there, images will come. To top everything of I’m reading The conquest of Happiness by Bertrand Russel, thank you for the tip G, its a great book. Now its back to focus. I’m going to do more work with models this autumn, its been a lot of still life lately. Come to think of it, I think its going to be more of both. And I’m rebuilding the darkroom as well. Its about time.

Playing around with an image I did with Viktoria and Yana last spring. 

on nerves, abbreviations & photos

There has been a slight change in focus on this blog recently. From photography and such to marriage. All of that will change on Saturday at 16.00 when Corky will become Mrs Vallin, and I will be me, only happier. Everything is finally set. As far as nerves go the feeling is somewhat close to the almost forgotten moments in highschool when I used to play guitar in a band. Those stage nerves.

Here is some recent work, there is more on the way. See you Monday.







on outtakes & friday mornings

Guess we are starting to get nervous about the wedding, only 8 days left. Stayed out late drinking last night. Its a funny thing nerves, I have always loved to make speeches and lectures, sort of miss that sometimes. I think its more about the whole throwing parties business. That makes me nervous.

A couple of outtakes from a recent shoot:



on creativity

Went to the first part of Wetterling Gallery‘s 30 year anniversary exhibition last night. Its a nice compilation of pop art, I particularly liked that Frank Stella was given so much space with his sculptures. I wonder if people think about how much Björn (the gallery owner) has influenced the swedish art scene, both in terms of showing inspiring art and triggering the buying/selling market. I think swedes in particular sees the commercial art market as something negative largely due to our political history. Feels a bit naive. Lets put that in contrast with Damien Hirsts recent auctions


BONs creative director Michael Elmenbeck was playing records. I havnt had a chance to look at their redesign properly yet, just a quick look the other day. So far it feels good, more creative, like it did a couple of years ago. I have a couple of pictures in there, go look.

As for creativity in general, I think we are going to see more of it in the near future. When economy goes down, creativity goes up, doesnt it? Less money, better ideas. I hope so, its about time.

on a good weekend

This weekend was probably one of the funniest ones of my life so far. It involved massive amounts of alcohol, a lot of my best friends, phaser guns, a dog suit and a suburbian club to mention a few things. And some nudity. It also involved friends getting robbed and sprained ankles, which I am sure also will be funny in some not to distant future. With both of my studio friends out of the country this is by far one of the most unproductive Mondays I have ever spent. Tomorrow will be a good day.*

Say hello to my arm.

*Yes, my bachelor party was this weekend.

on updates

Finally got around to updating my portfolio at CameraLink. Its right here. I have been shooting advertising all week and need some sleep soon. The big wedding is only three weeks away, I’m still not nervous at all, guess I will be.

Here are some previews:




on backgrounds

Since blogging has become more and more about consumption (at least as far as fashionblogs go), I feel I must tell you that I bought a new pair of Lanvin shoes the other day. And yes, they do have the closest feel to immortality that I am likely to ever feel. And to change the subject: One day when I was shooting I noticed that the background was way to small. Aint that funny.