Monthly Archives: October 2008

on Denmark

Decided to go to Copenhagen last week for meetings. Saw some people, all of which are brilliant, especially this one agency called Dyhr Hagen.They seem to have a really nice approach to the business. Have a look at their magazine FAT while you are there.

Tried to save on the environment by taking the train there as opposed to flying. Now if that is going to work they better start doing their job better. I got up at 04.00 in the morning, were stranded in a swedish small town for a couple of hours, and were one and a half hour late on arrival. On top of that the airport didn’t work very good and they ran out of coffee (and seats). Damn.


And the tip of the day will be this nice little site called Arts & Letters Daily. Its perfect to the morning coffee.

on resistance


In times of despair we do like we did when we were young. We print our message on a t shirt. We might even write a manifest.
If Rykiel Homme shuts down (will they, really?) Ill be all out of autumn sweaters. I think Rykiel has found that perfect balance between beautiful and bold. Those stripes are simply divine.

Besides that its going to be a nice weekend. Drinks with Anders & Lisen tonight, dinner with Niklas tomorrow, and lunch with Martin on Sunday. Now I’m of to Le Rouge for my Friday intake of Whisky Sour and Tom Collins.

on Artworks

With the autumn taking over I have been struggling with the same urge as every year. To re-read Robert Steckers Artworks; Meaning, Definition, Value. I read it while studying in Lund, and usually read the first chapter around this time of year. I’m feeling I might finish it this time. Most of the time I discard historicism and functionalism in favor for institutionalism. Its about time to revise. One simply cant uphold a point of view in art due to laziness.

Here is roughly what its about:

Art is an item that is an artwork at time (t) if and only if it is in one of the central art forms at (t) and is intended to fulfill a function art has at (t), or it is an artifact that achieves excellence in fulfilling such a function.

I’m not sure. Still feels like someone has to define the central art forms as well as what functions is desirable. Guess it will all be explained in the book. I cant remember, ask me in a week.

on fantastic men

You have to give it to them, Fantastic Man is a great magazine. Its one of the few titles I actually read through, besides the Another Magazines, and maybe Self Service, and not just flick through. For the new issue (No 8) they are perfect bound, and have added a bit more structure to the content. One can only wonder, is the blue theme that keeps occuring through the magazine a flirt with the first edition of Ulysses, back from when Sylvia Beach published it, or am I only reading things into this? I might, to be honest. Still, I really like it.

on lately

So. Dear Lena and Louise from CameraLink are off to London for the LeBook Connections. Go have a look in my book if you are there.

Its about time to post some images from the 27th, surely there are more to come. We had a blast, Erika and I.

The cake

The dance

The toastmasters, Anders Rydell and Klas Ekman
Photos by Linda Alfvegren.

The dinner

The dinner 2.0
Photos by Anders Rydell.

And while we are at it, books this week:

-Paul Auster – Man in the Dark
Paul, I do love you, but this book ironically gave me temporary insomnia.

-Paul Auster – The Invention of Solitude
Just for the record, Its not time yet.

-Sartre on Sartre
Don´t know if its linked to the general state of the world, but I feel a strong desire to read Sartre again.

To Brief a Treat – The Letters of Truman Capote – Edited by Gerald Clarke
I bought it to Erika but cant really keep myself from reading it once she falls asleep.

on bad luck

Don´t you just hate it when your favorite wooden spoon breaks into a hundred pieces?


I finally got to read Anders & Klas book Byt namn yesterday, about how to succeed as a journalist. Its very entertaining and witty, and a very good guide for anyone who wants to get into the mediabusiness. If you read swedish, read it, otherwise get an assistant who can translate it for you. Today we are going to focus on beauty.*

*Quick thought:

-There has always been a lot of talk about the difference between editorial and commercial work. Lately Ive been doing a lot of commercial and people are of course warning me not to get stuck there. I have to say I love doing both, you need both perspectives all the time to keep it interesting. Its also really funny when I talk to friends in the artindustri who at times say that I am only doing commercial, since they consider anything that involves a publicist as that. Then on the other hand even artists sometimes accuse each other of selling to much, or in the wrong medium and hence beeing commercial. I guess I love beeing commercial.