Monthly Archives: November 2008

on lately

I love the feeling of intensity lately. Shooting an ad tomorrow, editorial stories on Wednesday and Thursday. Real pepped for all three of them. The winter darkness always pushes me into being really social for a short period of time each year. Last Thursday there was an opening at Wetterling (almost bought a painting on impulse, would have been fun waking up to that) followed by a thing at Sällskapet. Quite nice place, imagine it gets boring with only men though. Friday Corky threw my a birthday cocktail party in our apartment. And Saturday Martin over at AWB made a nice dinner. Damn, he knows the english kitchen like nobody else. Then off to the houseparty hosted by Saurabh and on to Spybar with Corky and Olof. Will be locked in my studio for while now. Lets produce.

Im currently readin Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Seems hedonism is always interesting. I kind of like the old thinktank better though.

Ill try to find time to wright something about why a pair of shoes should be equal to anything else as far as artistic compositions go. More about that later.

on Yates

Spend today reading Richard Yates Revolutionary Road (1961). Im somewhat speechless, finding the book both brilliant and scary. It seems very strange that he was largely forgotten for a long time and at the same time relevant that he was rediscovered by readers in recent years. Anyway, the book lingers in my mind and will probably do so for a while.

on the dark

Elsa C, shot some time ago with Johanna.

It was just what I needed, spending that evening in the darkroom. It feels that things might have gone a bit to far when locking one self into the dark is the only way to relax from communications. No mail, no blogs, no news, no cellphone, not even a radio. Fantastic. Looking forward to spending more time in there.

Now, lets book everything for next week.


on plato


Things are starting to pick up speed again. When we moved last April, Corky and I, we decided we didn’t want a television. Seems everything is on the net anyway, or at least on DVD… Thing is, we did it to get rid of distractions. Now, we do read lots and lots of books which is good of course but lately I have come to realize that the feeling of total relaxation in front of the TV is somewhat hard to find elsewhere. When reading you analyze in a different way, more active. In some way ideas seem to come more vivid when input, in forms of books, exhibitions etc, are left to tumble for a while in the mental vacuum in front of the TV.

The solution, I think, might lie in the darkroom. I always had a lot of ideas in there which is why I have rebuild mine. Makes shooting 4*5′ a lot cheaper as well. So I started a little project again. Spare time this autumn/winter will be spend dissecting the world with still lives. Think Plato and one of the characters in Paul Austers New York Trilogy and you get the idea. Yep, its all about semantics.