Monthly Archives: January 2009

on code

After spending something like 5 hours trying to code Twitter into my blog Im done, and have finally realized something have happened to coding since I last did it properly*. PHP5? Widgets? What? Back to the books I guess.

Succeeding made me this happy! Photo by Linda.

*Ok, might as well confess. When I first started this blog I was into minimalism which meant I removed all code I didn’t need at the time. I know, looking back that was nothing short of stupid, or at least time consuming…

on white

So, so tired. Are spending the entire week freshening up the studio. New floors, a lot of paint. Makes it a lot nicer… Next week Ill be shooting every day. A two day beauty story, two days of advertising, and a still life shoot. And on Friday its Corkys birthday. As usual she is throwing a party that weekend, this year entitled The Last Party. Perhaps one should wear a white tie to ones cravate noir for the occasion, or perhaps not.

on Normandie pt II

I’m usually all about autumn and not that much about summer. This is however starting to get silly, Sweden is so cold and grey. Will try to move between my apartment and my studio with my eyes closed. I long for this:


Ètretat, whisky sour, Oliver Spencer pants and moule marine. Just a couple of more months…

Tomorrow we will start renovating the studio. Its really about time.

on books, museums and work

Waiting for Corky to come pick me up at my studio to go for brunch. After that the modern museum. Haven’t been there for a while, really liked the hanging of the collection last time, a bit more focused than usual. Still really pepped about the new season, will focus more on working with models, a new exhibition and some moving images. I guess I have found a lot of motivation in Richard Yates recently, he has something in his writing that sort of sharpens ones focus. Might be as easy as fear of failure, and an awareness of the tricks one plays one ones mind. Just finished reading The Easter Parade which is a great book, maybe not as direct as Revolutionary Road but still very insightful. Its a hard thing to do, being objective about oneself. Am reading Joan Didions Play It As It Lays now, similar category I guess.

Next months reading:

-Joan Didion The Year of Magical Thinking
-Joan Didion Vintage Didion
-Voltaire Candide
-David Rothkopf Superclass
-Dennis Lehane The Given Day
-Richard Yates Liars In Love
-Richard Avadon Woman In The Mirror

on longing

Right back at you Corky.



First real day back at the office today. Started with going to the gym. Will go home early to have coffee and go through a lot of magazines… People seem to be pretty upset about 2009 so far, personally I think its going to be a great year for me. My focus is stronger than ever, the will and creativity as well. (Can one define creativity as focus and will combined? Hey Hume, that might even be the belief desire model of 2009.)

Ill be back shortly with a ton of new work, a lot coming out in January and February, and hopefully a new site as well.