Monthly Archives: March 2009

on being back

Back from Nice and a much needed vacation. There were walks on the beach, a whole lot of sitting on the balcony watching the ocean and drinking wine. And there were, of course, Mamac. Those french knows how to hang exhibitions, just look at the Yves Klein room. I wish I could live there, between Le Saut dans le Vide and the Anthropometries.

Back in Stockholm I have realized I´m turning thirty soon and yes, its starting to show. So from now on its at least one hour per day in the gym. Luckily there is one next to my studio.

Now: Meetings.

on much needed things

Seems this blog has been without its author for a while, sorry but it will have to wait a little while longer. Me and Corky are taking the morningflight to Nice to break in spring. Wine, walks and the ocean. Images will be posted at some point (hey, I still shoot Tri-x, it takes a while).

Indulge yourself with these images I did with Roberta Holm for the latest issue of Perfect and Ill be back in the beginning of next week.




on spring cleaning

Just finished shooting an ad, nice. Post-production tomorrow and then back to shoot more ads on Thursday. Woke up this morning to realize its snowing, a lot. Q:

–How does spring cleaning my desktop effect the weather?

New desktop, new life. 

on strange mondays

So I was shooting this thing for Elle today when all of the sudden I realize there is some pieces of paper on the floor in the studio. Naturally I shoot them:


Then I think it might be nice to film then, and the Cinemax falls to pieces. A lot of pieces:





I’m thinking tonight might be a good day to start reassembling my inspiration-wall again. Its been sort of… white lately, since we painted the studio.

on sunday

We went to the modern museum yesterday to listen to Peter Galassi, head of the photographic department at MoMa, speak to Anna Tellgren, who is in charge of photography at Moderna. Very nice, although the most interesting part, for me, was only briefly talked about at the end. How photography can have different functions and go back and forth between theoretical states of being. That is, going from say being only descriptive (without being art) to being art and then back to being only descriptive. Really feel like reading up more on that. The next lecture/discussion is in April I think. And if you pass by Moderna, be sure to see the Gursky exhibition, its truly great. 

Today will be all about baking, reading, and preparing for next week. A lot of work…

Here is some pictures I did from the latest NK Stil. The whole series is on my regular site.  



PS. I realised Saturday how much I miss going to lectures. Lets hope we will see more of that in the future.

on Dansk final part

Have been quite busy shooting lately, hence the lack of posts. Would say Im sorry but to be honest, Im very glad. 

The Dansk story was of course about Twin Peaks. Dear E said it first although she might be disqualified from the contest as she is one of the few people to have both access to my bookshelf and my sketchbook. Will post some new work later this week, as well as update my site. Now, a walk.