Monthly Archives: May 2009

on process

The thing I miss most with analog photography is the selection process, the time you spend with the pictures. From looking at the negatives to the contact sheets, to cutting the contacts down and playing around with them to find the perfect series. Its a bit mad to think you can do that in the computer, at least for me. And printing all the digital files just doesn’t feel the same. I wonder if its a real difference or if its only in my head? I think the while-shooting-quick-fix in Photoshop is the no-no here. At least for some projects.

Good, old fashion contact from last winter

on today

Beautiful day today, even though it was a bit windy. Realized the other day that I dont have a single camera that is good to shoot everyday stuff with. Sure, a bunch of old cameras using film. Takes to long to develop even though I have a lab in the studio. And the Hasselblad is a bit on the big side. So I got a Leica D-Lux. Nice, hopefully it will result in more frequent posting here.

Tonight I should be at the Shana Lutker opening at Wetterling, just have to get through this first:

on S, books and grand pianos

E´s of to Milan and Im stuck in Stockholm listening to Carly Simon. Gives me time to finnish ‘Seven days in the artworld´ by Sarah Thornton, great book, and the latest Art Forum which I havnt even opened yet. Regina Spektor played at Lydmar last night. Just her, a grand piano and a small crowd (and not to mention an open bar, both in terms of money and the fact that it has no roof.) Truly brilliant. Gave me the feeling Catpower did back when I was living in Paris. There is hope for Stockholm yet.

Tomorrow there is an opening at Wetterling Gallery, who are showing Shana Lutker. Will be great for sure. I’m aiming at buying a piece, would hang nicely next to the Isca.

Heres a quick preview of a shoot I did for the last issue of S Magazine entitled ‘A brave new figure‘. Its all about reconstruction and 4×5’ Tri-X. More will come shortly.


on Corky

Corky says:
While I’m trying to make up my mind whether to start a new blog or not I
thought it would be a nice thing to make a short visit here. I’m a bit out
of it at the moment so if M:et don’t mind I’ll just decorate his white space
with a little something. Like this:

Beautiful oil on canvas by Linn Fernström
(Her gallery has some of her works for sale this week, up to 20 % off.)

Le Voyage du ballon
There’s a lot of balloons in the fashion world right now. And the fashion
blog girl mafia goes crazy ’bout it. Wonder why? They are just rubber filled
with, well, nothing; floating around. Maybe that’s why.

On creativity
­ After Proust, there are certain things that simply cannot be done again.
He marks off for you the boundaries of your talent, said Françoise.


on now

Today is a day like this:

Just got some books I ordered. The Another Fashion Book, which is beautiful but a bit overkill if you have got all the old issues. Then again its looks great on the bookshelf. The Purple Anthology is wonderful. Just love books that show spreads as they were and not just images. Like the Alexey Brodovitch book from Assouline. And then there is Seven days in the artworld by Sarah Thornton. Lovely. Its going to be a nice weekend.

on being Elsewhere

Its been close to insanity lately. So much work and so little time. Im loving it of course. After closing a shoot at 18.00 Thursday, me and E drove all the way up to Funäsdalen on the border of Norway. A lot of cross country skiing and walking. Yesterday we spotted fresh bear-tracks in the snow, so as of tomorrow were checking in to a mountain spa instead. (The perfect excuse)

Right now Im sitting outside in the sun reading ‘Elsewhere, U.S.A.’ by Dalton Conley, about the new generation of professionals who cant really separate old opposites like work/leisure, office/home, public space/private space etc, and who live different lives at the same time. Always Iphone or Blackberry in hand (yes, of course I twittered from a mountaintop earlier today, who wouldnt?) and always finding happiness in the next project and not in the one just completed. Sort of like in the 90’s when people said the journey was the goal, but less schmuck.

Im going to go buy some locally made chevré and have a glass of wine now, and try not to focus on the fact that I am right where I want to be, wishing I was Elsewhere.