Monthly Archives: June 2009

on omg…

Haha. Found this old print while sorting out some boxes of old negatives. Since my upcoming surfingtrip to Biarritz clearly has something to do with me turning thirty soon, I found it quite appropriate to post it. Sometime in the late 90´s (the paisley shirt is a reminder, don´t ever get caught up in symphony rock, ever!), opening for some band whose biggest accomplishment was that one of the members were ralated to Joey Ramone. Thank god I turned to photography instead. Enough said.

Pay no attention to the fact that the guitar is not hanging punk-rock-cool low, nor is it guitar-freaky high.

Now off to lunch at Teatergrillen.

on this week

Three very interesting shoots this week. You will see all of them in time. Surfing in Biarritz is less than a month away. Amazing. Do need good booksuggestions though. You know what I like, mail them in. Best one gets an award.

Finally came around to buying that couch for the studio. The Art Director was however not included in the price.

As promised: Two of the best reps ever, Louise and Alice at CameraLink.

on lately

We went to see Lykke Li and Coco Rosie at Dramaten last night. Coco Rosie has always been very good. Lykke Li just went from good to amazing. I think her show was the best stage performance I have ever seen. Very inspiring. Its very interesting putting them next to each other as well. Feels like one is fighting hard to grow up while the other is fighting equally hard not to. Would have been something for J.M Barrie to write about…

Corky at Dramaten


Per at Desken

Klas and Anders at Desken