Monthly Archives: July 2009

on the lunch of all lunches

Per, previously known as Kelly, took us to a restaurant for lunch today called Kokotxa. Insanely good, maybe the best I have had. It recently received its first star in the Michelin guide. On Tuesday were eating at a three star restaurant. First time for me, really looking forward to it. 

Appetite starter. Salmon.
Ceviche of jumbo shrimp with velvety tomato
Fluid tortilla of cod fish 
Ravioli of calmari served with a hen stock with truffles
Fresh fish of the day with a virgin olive oil puré and roasted eggplant/aubergine pulp
Roasted venison with chestnut cream and dried fruit syrup
Chocolate soup with green tea
Pistachio sponge cake with a saffron cream and a Ras EL Hanout spiced ice-cream. 

Eight courses later Im at the hotel resting. Now, more tapas.

on moving on

We have moved on from Biarritz to San Sebastian. From surfing to food. Really miss the surfing already, although the food is amazing. Costa Rica over new year sounds pretty nice. 

Surfmaster Peter222 
Unknown master of tapas.
Table, previously full of Tapas.
San Sebastian at night, after eating a lot of tapas. 

on leaving

This is it. The first real vacation in years and years. Last night we had a summerdinner before everybody leaves. Its nice having dinner in the rain.
At the same time I cant wait for the autumn to come. Haven’t felt this inspired in a long time. Ideas and plans…

Came to think of the summers one spent growing up. First, skateboarding all summer. Later working. Feels a bit strange to think about it. I used to work all summer to make money for film and canvases. And then use it all up on strange little projects. When reviewing it now there were always dark skies present, both in photographs and paintings. Maybe I’m not a summer person, or maybe the Swedish summer is always cloudy. Doesn’t really matter now.

Dinner in Humlegården with friends

Spent a summer photographing roads.

Spent another summer photographing street lights. Who hasn’t?

on reading & the fall of modern scriptwriters

Two days left, then Biarritz. Went with Sebastian to see the new Transformers movie this evening. The thing is I sort of get that kind of movies. Its nice just watching well produced stuff for a couple of hours. And yes, the guy is perfect as a sort of geek gone cool hero. And yes, Megan Fox is a perfect hot girl who is dating the guy because he is a hero and all. And yes, action is fun. Whats not good is that whole Star Wars syndrome where they have to put in comical characters to please young kids. Aren’t Transformers dorky enough as it is. Argh. Just give me back those oldschool mindnumbing actionfilms.

On to brighter things. Nailed this summers readinglist:

-David Hockner by Paul Melia and Ulrich Luckhardt
-Bloomsbury Portraits by Richard Shone
-Yves Klein by Hannah Weitemeier
-David Hockney by Marco Livingstone
-Jackson Pollock Interviews, Articles, and Reviews

Sort of wish I had the other Pollock book as well, Jacksson Pollock: New Approaches by Jeremy Lewison. Maybe next summer. And if someone knows any good books on Frank Stella, let me know. Hopefully there will be time to add some fiction to the list as well.