Monthly Archives: September 2009

on Paris

So. Shooting tomorrow and Thursday, Paris on Friday. Things I miss the most:

The view from mine and Es flat in Marais

Spending days with E at Palais de Tokyo

Spending time by myself at Palais de Tokyo

The light in spring


Walking down rue st Denis at night on my way home from the office

Buying random stuff at the market

Spending days photographing random things with Romain

on today

E at Moderna Museet where the Dali exhibition was so packed we decided to see the collection instead. I try to see it once a week. The new hanging is very good. Even though a lot of artworks are the same you still get a whole new perspective. Good work curators.

The pinkest tree I have seen in a while

E at Sturehof.

on days, weeks, Paris and such

Today is me and Es one year anniversary as married. Feels very good. Going to spend the day doing all the good stuff. Will pop down to Paris next weekend. Doing an exhibition during fashionweek, more on that later. Will stay on the week after so if you think we should meet, send me a mail.

Things I should write about on this blog when I find the time:
-Fashion vs Still life
-Modern marketing for photographers
-Ideas, muses and time
-Changes in the editorial market

Stripes is the ultimate urban camouflage. Hear that Sonia! Please come back to me.

on today

Nice windows at the Lab

Cords in nice shapes

A nice team including me sporting the second best present of the week. Thanks E for that lovely Alexander Wang sweater.


on books, prints and such

Finally done with the books for this time. You sort of forget how much time it actually takes to organize them. Upside is they feel great now (contact CameraLink or Mily Kadz to see them). Realized how many prints I have lying around the studio, thousands. Are going to glue a whole collage wall up soon together with the other guys in the studio. I.e not gluing Hans and Johan to the wall but rather their prints.

Some random prints in the studio.

Shooting in Copenhagen Monday but will stay on for some meetings on Tuesday. Send me a mail if you think we should meet. Anders are throwing a party now at Le Rouge, got to go.

The strange creatures that used to live in the studio are for some reason returning. Found this one on the wall this morning.

on this week

E is in NY for NYFW. I’m home working. I’m guessing this is one of those weeks where I work really late every day, fall asleep in the studio, takes a cab home at 4.30 in the morning, and oversleeps the next day. Just a guess.


on nice things

After a couple of tries, we are finally closing in on perfection with the figs with foie-gras oil with caramelized sugar on top. To bad the fig season is so short. Today: Tea, a walk, the Modern Museum and Reborn by Susan Sontag.

Anders, Per and Johan at dinner.

on the order of things

New season / clean desktop. Yes, it all starts there folks. Just sent another 687 files to the printers for my portfolios. Its hard work keeping them updated. Now off to Riche for dinner with P & G. In two weeks Biarritz for some more surfing before the season ends.


on seasons

Autumn started with a bang. A lot of nice shoots. If you are in Paris in the beginning of October you will hopefully catch a glimpse of a project I did with Nina and Elin which I especially like. Seems its finally getting colder again, makes working easier. 

Preferred reading today:
 -Art World
-The world of Interiors
-Vanity Fair
-Harperz Bazaar (love the format, when did they do that?)