Monthly Archives: November 2009

on books, kids and such

Took Friday morning off to go to the modern museum. I try to do that as often as I can as it tends to be really inspiring. The atmosphere releases ideas, even if I sometimes doesn’t make it past the cafĂ©. This time was however close to a nightmare. It were school classes in every single room of the entire museum, screaming, running and being generally disturbing. Oh, I’m all in for kids learning about art. I love that. But damn, its impossible to focus on anything when its like that. Maybe new headphones will be a good idea. Or just going at night when they are all asleep. Did pick up a good book though. Dialogue With Photography by Paul Hill and Thomas Cooper. Just read a couple of chapters yet, but it has potential. Will get back to it soon. Now Freaks and Geeks on DVD.

on lately & books

Funny thing. I have started to read a lot again lately. Almost compulsory. And not just the ordinary photo and art books, but a lot of literature and philosophy as well. I cant stay away from it. Usually when that happens I can trace it to something, like the feeling I sometimes get that I must read to further or develop ideas in certain directions, but that’s not it either. Might be an escape from the weather and the dark, who knows.

A picture from a job I did a while ago:

on lately

Stuck in post production. We shot digital, analogue, polaroids, even some motion film. A lot to do. We couldn’t help ourself though, and did a couple of photograms in the darkroom.


Went to see the midnight screening of New Moon with E last night. Its really funny being in a room filled with screaming teenagers. A girl in front of me faked an orgasm when Edward entered. Damn. Now, more post.

on old images

Found an old sketch from a shoot I did for +46 a couple of years ago. We went in another direction in the end. Its funny how ideas work. Back then we couldn’t do this because a lot of people felt it was strange. I would say that has changed. More about that another day.