Monthly Archives: January 2010

on books & Guy Bourdin

Woke up last night with a strange urge to look at Guy Bourdin photographs. Found Exhibit A in large pile of photo books on the floor in front of the bed. I think it might have something to do with me reading John Fowles book the Magus earlier that day. I really love it. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

Guy Bourdin, for obvious reasons also brilliant.

on beauty

Damn. Its been a lot about weather here lately. Sorry, but it can really pull you down. The new year started out loud. A lot of nice projects and shoots, and a lot more coming. Ill post it as it is published. Now for some inspirational phocus for tomorrows shoot. Coffe and books, and after midnight, magazines and tea.

A beautyshot from a job I shot in December:

on the road & the cold

We are up north in Sweden, E and I, by the border of Norway. I suspect this might have been where Cormac McCarthy drove when he had the idea to write The Road. It´s 36° C below and mostly very dark. Quite nice actually.

The road

The view from where I am sitting, writing this.