Monthly Archives: February 2010

on books & decorations

In the office printing new books. Its going to be amazing. Call me or my agents to set up a meeting soon! While the printer is busy I decided to clean my desk and have a look at all the stuff lying around. Decided my good friend Charles needed a bit of a brush up. I should have stopped sooner though, its gonna take month for him to dry now.

Old Charles

New Charles

on sausages and such

We had a lovely dinner in Paris last fall. At Chez Omar in Le Marais during fashionweek. We started talking about sausages and what one can do with them in photography. That is one of the reasons that I am doing an exhibition in Stockholm at restaurant Riche, starting this Tuesday. The show is called A brave new sausage. Pop by at 21.00 for a beer and look at some sausages. You are gonna love it!


PS. I helped Berghs school of communication with the Rookies&Players project a couple of weeks ago. We shoot a campaign for Kim Hagelind, go vote for him in the contest. The guy is awesome.

on danish design

Just saw that &Tradition has posted som images I did for them a while ago on their site. They do truly wonderful furniture. Especially love the lamps and tables. Will get some for the new flat. I think they are showing at the furniture fair in Stockholm. Have a look if you are there.


on cords

In the middle of a heavy productionperiod. Shooting almost every day, which is great of course. Staying up late tonight working on an exhibition thats starting next week (just realized, next week is quite soon). I honestly cant understand where people find all their free time? Anyway. Im taking tomorrow night off for the Linn Fernström exhibition at Sturehof. Her work is brilliant. Go see it if you get a chance.

Shapes and patterns on the studio floor.

on more images & inspiration

There has been a lot of nice shoots lately. All of which will be posted here when the time comes. More importantly, I am feeling more inspired than I have in years. And not just in photography, but in painting and collague making as well. I think it might have something to do with the fact that spring is closing in. Another thing might be that me and E did a bit of a renovation in our flat (we are selling it to get a bigger one), which ment that I went through hundreds of books in the cleaning process. There is something lovely about reading a lot. A quick glance in the bookshelf and everything has a way of coming back to you, although in a different way.

Now tea, watching the Breakfast Club with one eye while reading Collage Collages from Cubism to New Dada with the other (got it from Paulie & Gustav as a birthday present, its amazing).


Another image from the upcoming event with Noir et Blanc