Monthly Archives: March 2010

on crash

Gagosian Gallery London are showing the group exhibition Crash (from the JG Ballard novel) that closes on April 1. Its one of those exhibitions I am really sorry I missed. Hans Bellmer, Richard Hamilton, Damien Hirst, Edward Hopper and Cindy Sherman are just a few of the artist in the show. The works on the site look amazing and I would have loved to see them together. JG Ballard will continue to inspire for some time. So if you are in London, hurry up!

CRASH: Homage to JG Ballard, Installation view, From the Gagosian Gallery website.

on the best of inspiration

Went to the opening of the new Frank Stella show at Wetterling Gallery some weeks ago. Damn. Stella is one of the biggest sources of inspiration I have. Both in terms of the actual artworks and their quality, and in the way he has let his career and ways of working evolve throughout it. To travel from the Black Paintings to where his works are today is an amazing journey. Its all about the evolution of thought, at least for me. I remember going from The Modern Museum in Stockholm, which has one of the older pieces, to Björns gallery to look at some of the prints (Imaginary places). And then came Matah in 2005 and just blew me away. Truly amazing.

K.43 lattice with nickel coating 2008 , image from ArtNet.

The exhibition is hanging until the 10th of April.

on good work

Found this cover the other day. Its Ponytail magazine in NY, with their S/S 2010 Iconic / Eras issue. It makes me very happy the way they use of movement and other media in the image. Nice thinking, well done!


On a completely different note, I have come to realize how much books mean to me. As we are moving soon our bookshelves are packed into boxes, and I cant find any calm at home. When doing research one might assume the internet would be equally good, or better. In finding quick references and quantity, sure. But it doesn’t inspire the way a good book does. A lot of times I don’t even have to open them. Just by seeing them I remember how they effect me. And by rearranging the shelves I get new ideas.

To some extent this ought to translate into the whole printed vs digital magazines discussion. I am sure that digital will never be as good as a nicely printed and bound magazine. On the other hand, who says feeling is everything. Maybe I just have to change the way I consume media.

on paintings

I suddenly started painting again after giving it a rest for a while. Figured it could be a good idea to start slow, working of photographs. Will move on to good old fashioned oil next week I think. Its one of those things that I find very hard to find time for. Then again, its so relaxing and inspiring that I think it comes out on the good side.

Photo collage, ink and gouache.

On Fauna Futura

I am working a lot with Swedish jewellery designers David&Martin at the moment. They have an amazing sense to design and skills to match. I’m guessing we can expect great success from them. They have already attracted attention from some of the biggest magazines and personalities in the fashion industries. They did a project with Karl Lagerfeld a while back to name one.

During Paris Fashion Week, David&Martin will exhibit a piece of unique jewellery at Colette as part of the exhibition for the launch of the book ’Fashion Jewellery Catwalk and Couture’. The piece entitled ‘Fauna Futura’ takes the form of a skull in moulded gold and is available for purchase at €25,000. Here is some of the material I shot for the release: