Monthly Archives: January 2011

on Paris

Paris was a lot of fun as usual. Spent all the time in the studio, on my way to the studio, or working at the hotel. Had time for a morning walk with E & E though. Miss Paris a lot, will go back in a couple of weeks to see some exhibitions.

on cords and sculptures

I have never in my life been as booked as I am now. Loving it. Off to Paris tomorrow for a shoot. Darling E and shorty are coming with. Like back in the days, but in a new way.

Secret messages in shapes

Ad hoc sculpture made out of metal, plastics and glass

Ad hoc sculpture made out of metal, plastics and glass, part II

on more David&Martin and a new year

Finally a new year, even though the last one was really great. Everything is filling up so fast though, the schedule already being a clutter.  The funny thing is that lack of time makes me think about time, which makes me feel like re-reading Derek Parfits Reasons and Persons. Which in turn leaves me with even less time. Guess reading the notes from last time I read it might be a good alternative. I think 2011 is the year when I have to be more efficient throughout everything.

Did some minor updates on my site last night. Some new shoots, there is a lot more coming. Will rewrite it for moving images as well.

PS. About efficiency and keeping track, you haven’t missed Evernote have you?