Monthly Archives: May 2013

on being proud

Erikas new book is finally out! Its the second part in the trilogy about the mirrors. Its so very impressive that she is an author, an editor at Elle, an amazing mother and a student of physics at the same time! Get your copy (in swedish) here. I cant wait for the final book to be done…

An old portrait of Erika (and me) from when we were both assistants.

on an old scan

Old picture of Ellinore Erichsen. I do miss my old Hasselblad 500 CM that was stolen a while ago. I will get a new one very soon. Its kind of funny what happens when you lose all your gear. At first I thought it would make working kind of hard. Turns out its the opposite. I was never as dependent as I thought on the right cameras and flashes. Instead it opened up ideas in a new way.