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on the mountains

We try to go hiking at least a couple of times a year up in the swedish mountains. At the top of one of them there is this big rock in the middle of nothing (or everything, depending on your philosophical view of things). And every time I see that piece of stone it has the same effect on me. I get really worked up, and focused, and inspired, and filled with stamina. The first couple of times I went and re-read books like Walden by Thoreau to sort of explain it to myself. Nature. Then I went on to the old philosophy books from the university. Not for an explanation per se. More to define things for myself. Now I just kind of embrace it without trying to explain it.

Growing up there was a couple of older guys who went out into the woods two times a year to get absolutely hammered and dance around a fire. To reload on energy I guess. Even though I suspect they had some other, more esoterically grounded, reasons for doing so. It seemed absurd at the time. And a bit dangerous as there could be as cold as -30° C when they went in the winter. However they always came back.

The rock

on ink, Nike and children of war

I can’t stop painting. I mean, I have always painted and made collages, thats how I got in to photography in the first place. As a way of remembering, and sketching I guess. Lately I can’t stop it. I mean I still shoot as much as always Its just that when I get home at night or if I have an hour unplanned in my studio, I paint. And its funny because photography for me is a bit detached. Even if I compose everything and direct all the models and all of that its still feels like the photographs will come out the way it has to come out (no, that doesn’t always go for advertising of course). Its the logical sum of research, mood, experience and the team you choose to work with.

The funny thing with painting is that even though the compositions feel that way, the subject matters doesn’t at all have that clarity to it. I keep researching and reading books and sketching and it still leaves me a little bit… undecided? Its a funny feeling. I have found myself going back to the political and philosophical literature I studied at the university. And often just to double-check things.

Anyway. On thursday one of my recent paintings (Ink on paper) goes on sale in Amsterdam. Its an auction made by NIKE where all the profit goes to Warchild

I suggest you go bid on something you like there, or simply donate some money anyway. The fact that there are children suffering from armed conflicts should be enough to leave every person alive ashamed for humanity until the day they die.


“The stipulation in (b) is lexically prior to that in (a). Fair equality of opportunity”
Martin Vallin
Ink on paper

on being back

Back from vacation. Beaches, citys and mountains, what more could one possibly ask for. Are going to be shooting in Stockholm for a couple of weeks now. My wordpress was somehow taken over though so now its back in a new shape. Hope you´ll like it.