Monthly Archives: January 2014

on this week in Paris

Just back from a shoot in Paris. Also opened a new exhibition that will run for another week. Its titled Momentary Bliss and includes both old a new work. Run by won’t you. Its in Palais Royal, at 168-173 Galerie de Valois 75001 Paris.


on sleepless nights

Have been staying up late making collages lately. Need to figure out a way to keep doing that when I travel. The need to work in an analog way is growing equally fast as the speed at which we do productions these days. Never though I would miss the darkroom this much. Not necessarily the results, but the process. And the calm. That said, I love shooting digitally. Its great for the team to be able to see results instantly. And its great for the clients of course. I guess I want both words.

Violent coertion / Social contracts / Escaping nature

on a skyline

My last stay at the Maritime hotel in NY was somewhat colored by the fact that I was reading Bill Cleggs memoir Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man at the same time. It was great, scary, compelling and totally freaked me out. I guess what really got to me is the fact that a lot of the things that happened in his book, happened at places that are very familiar and safe for me.


on those days

Busy busy period right now. Stockholm Paris London in a haze. Lovely!
Found an old scan from, maybe 2005? Used to go past Palais de Tokyo almost every day. I miss skating so much it hurts.

Some guy skating, another one watching. 

on t

Did a shoot with The New York Times magazine T in New York a while ago.

T_1 T_2 T_3 T_4 T_5

Photographer: Martin Vallin / CameraLink
Prop Stylist: Noemi Bonazzi / Brydges Mackinney
NY Times Style Director / Kate Lanphear
Models: Julia Joseph / Next Models

Christina Ambers / Parts Models
Hair/Makeup: Miriam Robstad / Bryan Bantry
Manicure: Roseann Singleton / Art Department
NY Times Creative Director: Patrick Li
NY Times Senior Art Director: Aurelie Pellissier
NY Times Senior Photo Editor: Jamie Sims

on narcisse

Did a shoot for the new beauty magazine Narcisse with darling make up artist Ludovic Engrange in Paris last yearIt was one of those shoots where everything just came together really naturally. Ended up doing a ton of pictures. Here is a couple of them.

martin_vallin_narcisse_1 martin_vallin_narcisse_2 martin_vallin_narcisse_3 martin_vallin_narcisse_4 martin_vallin_narcisse_5 martin_vallin_narcisse_6

Photographer Martin Vallin c/o Mily Kadz.
Make-up Artist Ludovic Engrand c/o Shu Uemura Paris.
Model Jenna Earle c/o Next Models Paris.
Creative Direction Azadeh Zoraghi
Fashion Direction René Gloor
Hair Stylist Takayuki Nukui.
Calligraphist Sachiko Kano.
Make-up Assistant Margaux Jalouzot.
Production Assistant Adélaïde Goetz.
Post-Production B’pong.
All make-up by SHU UEMURA