on a bit of fashion

Everything seems to be going in cycles. Lately I have been working a lot with models. Its funny how the ideas fuel one another. After shooting more fashion for a period I always start to think about how techniques or ideas would work when applied to still life, and then after a while it changes back the other way around. Constant motivation. In a way its the same with digital vs analogue. After trying something in Photoshop I realize, or learn, how to do that on film and in the darkroom. And after doing that somehow ends up back in Photoshop with new ideas.

Some recent work:




Photographer: Martin Vallin / CameraLink
Stylist: Emma Thorstrand / LinkDetails
Make up: Sophia Eriksen / Agent Bauer
Hair: Sofia Ringberger / Agent Bauer
Models: Diana K, Olivia R & Tilda L / Stockholmsgruppen

(Yes, you saw some polaroids from this shoot the other day)

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