on cravings

I have had the same winter boots for three years now. A pair of Prada that I instantly fell in love with, even though I don’t usually buy that much of their shoes. They are perfect in every way, except for being very, very worn out. I take them to the guy who does all my shoes two times a year for fix ups, but last time he just looked at me with kind of sad eyes and shook his head. Not to despair though. These ones from the collaboration between Raf Simons and Dr Martens would be a worthy follow up. Only problem being they cant be bought in Sweden. So, if anybody from Dr Martens, or Raf Simons is listening, send me a pair of 8 1/2´s and Ill wear them until the end of days. Hell, Ill even throw in a couple of daily outfits on the blog!

Mmm boots…

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