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There has been a lot of nice shoots lately. All of which will be posted here when the time comes. More importantly, I am feeling more inspired than I have in years. And not just in photography, but in painting and collague making as well. I think it might have something to do with the fact that spring is closing in. Another thing might be that me and E did a bit of a renovation in our flat (we are selling it to get a bigger one), which ment that I went through hundreds of books in the cleaning process. There is something lovely about reading a lot. A quick glance in the bookshelf and everything has a way of coming back to you, although in a different way.

Now tea, watching the Breakfast Club with one eye while reading Collage Collages from Cubism to New Dada with the other (got it from Paulie & Gustav as a birthday present, its amazing).


Another image from the upcoming event with Noir et Blanc

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