on the best of inspiration

Went to the opening of the new Frank Stella show at Wetterling Gallery some weeks ago. Damn. Stella is one of the biggest sources of inspiration I have. Both in terms of the actual artworks and their quality, and in the way he has let his career and ways of working evolve throughout it. To travel from the Black Paintings to where his works are today is an amazing journey. Its all about the evolution of thought, at least for me. I remember going from The Modern Museum in Stockholm, which has one of the older pieces, to Björns gallery to look at some of the prints (Imaginary places). And then came Matah in 2005 and just blew me away. Truly amazing.

K.43 lattice with nickel coating 2008 , image from ArtNet.

The exhibition is hanging until the 10th of April.

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