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on passing time on planes

I seem to be spending a lot of time in airplanes and waiting for such lately. Should we happen to sit next to each other and experience problems finding subjects of discussion, even though I really prefer not to talk too much in airplanes, here is a list of recently read books I would love to go on about. (Should this turn into a book version of fashion blogging, posing with a new one everyday, sucking in those cheeks while casually holding a book up to the chest?)

Erika Vallin / Flickan vid glastornet (Yes. My lovely wifes début, and the first part of a trilogy)
Julian Barnes / The sense of an ending
Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter / The long earth
Paul Auster / Sunset park
Tom Rachman / The imperfectionists
Jennifer Egan / A visit from the goon squad
Karen Thompson Walker / The age of miracles
Sarah Silverman / The bedwetter
Tina Fey / Bossypants
Charles Yu / How to live safely in a science fictional universe
Hannu Rajaniemi / The quantum thief
Stephen Hawkins / A brief history in time
JG Ballard / Cocaine nights
Bret Easton Ellis / Imperial bedrooms
Dennis Cooper / Period
Paul Auster / Invisible
Jonathan Safran Foer / Eating animals
Michio Kaku / Beyond Einstein
JG Ballard / Crash
Jonathan Franzen / The discomfort zone
Holly Black / The white cat / Red glove / Black heart
Lev Grossman / The magician king
Henry Cornelius Agrippa / Three books of occult philosophy (well, parts at least…)
Scarlett Thomas / The end of mr Y
JG Ballard / Concrete Island
Neil Gaiman / American gods
Scarlett Thomas / Our tragic universe
Lev Grossman / Codex
Susan Cooper / The dark is rising
H G Bissinger / Friday night lights
George RR Martin / A dance with dragons / A feast for crows / A storm of swords
Sara Stridsberg / Darling River
Don Thompson / $12 million stuffed shark: The curious economy of contemporary art
Tracey Emin / Strangeland
Douglas Coupland / Player one
Sue Taylor / Hans Bellmer
Neil Gaiman / Interworld
Donna Tartt / The secret history (Love how it sort of ties in with Bret Easton Ellis Rules of attraction)
Chad Harbach / The art of fielding
Michael J Sandel / Justice
Annie Cohen-Solal / Leo and his circle: The life of Leo Castelli
Harry Martinson / Aniara (picking it up now and then, its wonderful in small doses)
JT Leroy / Harolds end

And a bloody ton of photography and art books. Tonight, I think, I’m going to start reading Rebecca Solnits A field guide to getting lost. If half of what I have heard is true, it should be very good.