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on process and the distance of blue

There is so much to say about process. I have been thinking a lot lately. How things end up the way they do. And why. I think I have learned to control most parts of it, which is a necessity when working commercially. I guess a lot of it is about narrowing down, Start big, reduce.

A while ago I read a book about creativity. I generally tend to dislike books that oversimplify things. Take any self-help book you want as an example. However, it had a nice trail of thought:
When you have something you really should, or have to do. What do you do instead? If you allow yourself to let go for a minute. What happens.
Looking back a couple of years I sort of realized that a lot of projects that have grown or taken me places come from just that. Like a quick collage. Or doing a layout that just felt absurd at first. Im thinking about doing an exhibition or something with those things. A lot of it has already circled back of course. As a sketch for a new campaign or editorial or so.

Anyway. Here is one from today:


It actually started here, when revisiting an old shoot to get some material to sketch with:

Pretty raw footage from an old shoot for Rodeo Magazine. 

on sleepless nights

Have been staying up late making collages lately. Need to figure out a way to keep doing that when I travel. The need to work in an analog way is growing equally fast as the speed at which we do productions these days. Never though I would miss the darkroom this much. Not necessarily the results, but the process. And the calm. That said, I love shooting digitally. Its great for the team to be able to see results instantly. And its great for the clients of course. I guess I want both words.

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