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On impromptu still life

I have started to feel that there is a pretty clear distinction between form and light. Experimenting with light is always fun and evolving but can sometimes get in the way of form, both in terms of actual form, physically, and in terms of representation. My old teacher in documentary photography at the university used to tell me focus less on composition and light and more on subject, or move on to fashion or advertising. (Hey kid, tell the story, don’t sell it!) Guess he might have had a point. At least in terms what suited me best.

From that I find it fun to take the light (so to speak) out of the picture and just do forms sometimes. Either as abstract sketching, or as just building a sculpture of whatever is in front of me. And sometimes just take a picture of that with my phone. Lets call it impromptu still life.

A lunch break in the darkroom

Procrastinating in a hotel room in Paris

While tidying up the studio

While making breakfast

While waiting for my film to rinse