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on a good read

It has been a very intense start of the autumn. This week is finally a bit slower. Going to New York on Thursday. That got me thinking on what books to bring for the flight*, which in turn got me thinking on what I have read lately. So, here is a recap so that we have something to talk about if we meet somewhere**:

Douglas Coupland Worst person ever
John Ajvide Lindqvist Himmelstrand
Kem Nunn Dogs of winter
Kem Nunn Tapping the source
Kem Nunn Pomona Queen
Peter Cameron Someday this pain will be useful for you
Bill Clegg Portrait of the addict as a young man
Nic Pizzolatto Galveston
Dennis Cooper Period
Douglas Coupland Player one
Chuck Palahniuk Doomed
Alan Benett Smut
G.A Cohen Why not socialism
Erika Vallin Eunomia (yay!)
William Blake Songs of innocence and experience
Dave Eggers The circle
Jay Jennings Carry the rock
Daniel Woodrell The death of sweet mister
Daniel Woodrell Give us a kiss
Jeanette Winterson Oranges are not the only fruit
Jeanette Winterson The power book
Jeanette Winterson Why be happy when you could be normal
Rebecka Solnit A field guide to getting lost
Margareth Atwood Surfacing
Margareth Atwood Oryx & Crake
Margareth Atwood The year of the flood
Margareth Atwood MaddAddam
Margareth Atwood The handmaids tale
Ursula K. Le Guin A wizard of Earthsea
Ursula K. Le Guin The tombs of Atuan
Ursula K. Le Guin The farthest shore
Kristin Lundell Busskungen
Lev Grossman The magicians land
Thomas Ligotti Songs of a dead dreamer / Noctuary / Teatro Grottesco
David Peace 1974
Buzz Bissinger After Friday night lights
Orson Scott Card The gate thief
Orson Scott Card Speaker for the dead
Orson Scott Card Xenocide
Orson Scott Card The lost gate
Max Frei The Stranger series
Neil Gaiman The Ocean at the end of the lane
Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter The long war
Philip K Dick The Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch
Allan C Weissberger In search of captain zero

*Right now Im reading Not that kind of girl by fab writer/director/epic person Lena Dunham and Im really looking forward to reading The most dangerous book. The battle for James Joyce´s Ulysses by Kevin Birmingham which is on my bedroom table.

**These are all books that I liked

on passing time on planes

I seem to be spending a lot of time in airplanes and waiting for such lately. Should we happen to sit next to each other and experience problems finding subjects of discussion, even though I really prefer not to talk too much in airplanes, here is a list of recently read books I would love to go on about. (Should this turn into a book version of fashion blogging, posing with a new one everyday, sucking in those cheeks while casually holding a book up to the chest?)

Erika Vallin / Flickan vid glastornet (Yes. My lovely wifes début, and the first part of a trilogy)
Julian Barnes / The sense of an ending
Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter / The long earth
Paul Auster / Sunset park
Tom Rachman / The imperfectionists
Jennifer Egan / A visit from the goon squad
Karen Thompson Walker / The age of miracles
Sarah Silverman / The bedwetter
Tina Fey / Bossypants
Charles Yu / How to live safely in a science fictional universe
Hannu Rajaniemi / The quantum thief
Stephen Hawkins / A brief history in time
JG Ballard / Cocaine nights
Bret Easton Ellis / Imperial bedrooms
Dennis Cooper / Period
Paul Auster / Invisible
Jonathan Safran Foer / Eating animals
Michio Kaku / Beyond Einstein
JG Ballard / Crash
Jonathan Franzen / The discomfort zone
Holly Black / The white cat / Red glove / Black heart
Lev Grossman / The magician king
Henry Cornelius Agrippa / Three books of occult philosophy (well, parts at least…)
Scarlett Thomas / The end of mr Y
JG Ballard / Concrete Island
Neil Gaiman / American gods
Scarlett Thomas / Our tragic universe
Lev Grossman / Codex
Susan Cooper / The dark is rising
H G Bissinger / Friday night lights
George RR Martin / A dance with dragons / A feast for crows / A storm of swords
Sara Stridsberg / Darling River
Don Thompson / $12 million stuffed shark: The curious economy of contemporary art
Tracey Emin / Strangeland
Douglas Coupland / Player one
Sue Taylor / Hans Bellmer
Neil Gaiman / Interworld
Donna Tartt / The secret history (Love how it sort of ties in with Bret Easton Ellis Rules of attraction)
Chad Harbach / The art of fielding
Michael J Sandel / Justice
Annie Cohen-Solal / Leo and his circle: The life of Leo Castelli
Harry Martinson / Aniara (picking it up now and then, its wonderful in small doses)
JT Leroy / Harolds end

And a bloody ton of photography and art books. Tonight, I think, I’m going to start reading Rebecca Solnits A field guide to getting lost. If half of what I have heard is true, it should be very good.